Thank you for visiting my site. As a licensed psychologist in Seattle, I work with individuals and couples on both a short and long-term basis.  I also facilitate therapy groups.

Typically, people work with me because they are feeling sad, anxious, overwhelmed, angry, confused; because they would like help in establishing a romantic relationship or communicating within an existing one; because there is a specific issue they are coping with; because their identity is somehow in flux; because they are seeking growth and increased wellness; or simply because they feel something is "missing" and desire deeper meaning in their lives. Some even work with me because they feel pulled towards therapy, though they're not sure why.

Few people enter a therapy or counseling relationship without concerns, trepidation, even confusion.  The process is a leap of faith, and this leap begins with choosing a therapist to trust.  In the hope that your decision can be as informed as possible, I've created this website as a very brief introduction to my counseling practice.

Of course, the best way to gather information about the work we may do and our potential fit is to contact me for a face-to-face meeting.  I welcome you to do so.